About Doctor Lo

Dr. Lo Faber is back. The singer, songwriter, bandleader and producer founded legendary jam band God Street Wine in 1988 and went on to produce two ambitious rock operas before detouring into a Ph. D. and seven years as a college professor. Now he returns to a full time music career with his first solo record in 15 years, "Bottomland," and will be touring ... (read more)

About the Doctor Lo and Ol' TP Duo

Taking it on the Road in 2020

The "Doctor Lo & Ol' TP" duo brings together Lo Faber (of God Street Wine) on guitar and vocals with Tom Pirozzi (of Ominous Seapods) on bass. These two old friends have played together in many contexts over the years, but 2019-20 marks the first time they have toured as a twosome ... (read more)

About 'Bottomland'

The new album from Doctor Lo

Bottomland, Doctor Lo's first solo album since 2003, is a return in two way. It's a return to full time music making for the former college professor, and it also marks a return to Faber's musical origins: bluegrass, folk, country, and everything in between ... (read more)


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