Lo Faber formed God Street Wine in New York City in 1988. As guitarist, singer, and main songwriter he led the influential jam band through six albums and over a decade of coast-to-coast touring. After GSW broke up in 1999 he formed the Lo Faber Band and recorded the rock operas "Henry's House" and "Friday Night Freakshow."

In the early 2000s Faber took a detour from music to finish his college degree and get a Ph. D. in History from Princeton University. This journey eventually took him to New Orleans where he taught for seven years as a college professor. Since 2019 he has been back to music full time with two albums out under the "Doctor Lo" name, and two bands - one in New Orleans and one based in New York.

"Claiborne Avenue" the 2nd Doctor Lo album is out now. Click here to stream on Spotify, Click here to download or buy CDs and Vinyl LPs on my Bandcamp Page ... Click here to read more about the album.

I want Doctor Lo to email me from time to time