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This one was written for God Street Wine back in 1998 and recorded for the never-released Hot Sweet & Juicy album, but never played live by GSW. In 2019 around the time of the "Bottomland" release I came back to it, rewriting some of the lyrics and changing the groove feel to a more bouncy bluegrass vibe. The video was shot at drummer Ted Marotta's house in Cambridge, New York, on a sunny April morning.


I've wanted to record this song since the first time I heard it! Thanks Ol' TP, Tom Pirozzi for writing such a great song. Thanks TP, Ted Marotta, Jason Crosby, Rurik Nunan, and Jon Bevo for their superb contributions to the record. And above all, thanks so much to our brave and awesome Video Volunteers: Paul Collins, Lisa Solowiej, Travis Cyr, Howie and Miles Ingerman, John Braunstein, Mike "Shipyard" Webster, Kate and Lou Pirozzi, Meg Meduna and FieryBill, Jason and Lauren Townley, Geoff Camp, Max and Carleen, Nina Foster, Colleen Rosso, Bad Brad and Marty the Asshole Soundman, Greg and Marilyn Bell, Bourbon Cowboy, Elain Pirozzi, Austin Nichols, Kristen Poole, Al and Judith Schnier and Melanie Francis, and of course TP and Anne! You all were amazing!

Virtual Country Concert - Spring 2020

As the country was locked down in Spring 2020, and musicians were unable to tour, I decided to create a virtual concert. Performing in front of a green screen I imagined a fictional venue and a made-up band called the Pick Three. The concert includes fourteen Country Classics made famous by George Jones, Willie Nelson, The Band, Bob Weir, and many others.